Good Omens Headcanons

Crowley invented Republicans.

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After the Apocawasn’t, Crowly and Aziraphale exchanged True Names, just in case their superiors sent them to kill each other.

Neither knew that in doing so, their Names got Erased from everybody else, including Adam.

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Pollution is Famine’s #1 fan

After Pestilence’s retirement, the horsemen needed to find a new member. The travelled the world looking for a replacement, but it was Pollution who found them when Death picked him up after he died swimming around in an oil spill. He said he wanted nothing more than to meet the man who invented plastic. Famine then asked if Pollution wanted to join them.

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In the same way Crowley can’t change his eyes,

Aziraphale has long, blonde, stereotypically angelic hair that, when left to it’s own devices, looks distractingly ethereal in a gravity-defying sort of way. It stays like this no matter what human form he’s in. He has to keep it braided, or cornrowed down and under a hat, just to keep it from stopping traffic (or getting him burned at the stake). Attempts to cut it result in dented scissors. Aziraphale invented the faux bob.

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Crowley has always wanted to see if it was possible to make Holy Snow

Like Holy Water but with snow. He’s been too afraid to try.

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Aziraphale knits Crowley an ugly Christmas sweater every year

Crowley hates them but he wears them anyways because they are warm and soft.

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One of the plants in Crowley’s apartment is an apple tree

He reprimands it all the time but has never had the heart to throw it away.

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Both Az and Crowley are good at singing

Crowley writes his own music and prefers songs with a faster beat. Angel sticks to what’s already been written. Neither of them mention the time Az tried his hand at rapping.

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Aziraphale’s wings are in a constant state of disarray

Crowley cleans them for him constantly but they always end up messy again and it annoys the demon to no end.

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